YP500 is a high build fast drying acrylic primer filler. Suitable for steel, light alloys and some plastics.

Products Characteristics

  • Excellent corrosion prevention
  • Optimizes the gloss finish of the topcoat
  • Fast drying with good spraying properties and good coverage
  • Excellent adhesion of subsequent topcoat
  • Excellent filling properties and easy to sand
  • Will adhere to wood, metal, aluminium and many other substrates.

Surface Preparation

  • De-rust, abrade and clean surfaces prior to coating
  • The surface must be free from all contamination including rust, grease and moisture.
  • Before use, carefully read and note the warning text on the label


    • Product Type nitro combi
    • Coverage 1.56 – 2.19m? per 500ml

Drying times

    • Dust Free 5 – 10minutes
    • Touch Dry 10 – 20 minutes
    • Sand able after 2 hours
    • Overcoat able after 2 hours

The drying time depends on temperature, humidity and the thickness of the applied coat.

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